May Distant Learning

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Distance learning Week of May 4-May 8

All work should be done in your best cursive!






Language  Arts

Read - Two of Everything

 WB p.-204-205

WB p208-211 

Read- Two of Everything

WB- 213-215

Two of Everything  test packet

Write a story about a brown mouse.It must be at least six sentences.  Try to use as many spelling words(WB p.196) as you can.  


Time to 5 minute interv als Pages 619-624

A.M. / P.M.

Pages 625-630


Pages 631-633

Make a sphere, cone, cube

Pages 763-764

Make a rectangular prism, cylinder

Pages 765-766


My Parish Church  is like a home.  Everything inside has significance.

Pages 318-319 read and locate the numbered items in the illustration

Using the parish church paper from distant learning packet - name the numbered items

Read and design a poster on one scripture passage found in packet “Project Disciple” 

Finish Poster

Science/ Social Studies

Reread pages 124-125

With help answer Unit 3 review 131-133

Experiment with being a paleontologist

Fill out the paper of digging for dinosaurs paper


LA- Two of Everything test packet, WB pages 2-4-205, 208-211, 213-215

“Brown Mouse Tale” paper

Math- My Math Homework 623-624, 629-633, 763-766

Religion- two papers naming the items in the church, Project Disciple poster

Science- workbook pages 132, 132, 133,  Digging For Dinosaur paper

Distance learning Week of May 11-15

All work should be done in your best cursive!






Language  Arts

Read - Now and Ben

 WB p.-218-220

WB p. 223-225 

Read-Now and Ben


Now and Ben test packet







Pages 651-656


Pages 685-690

Measure on a number line



Measurement data




Parts of mass

Tear out the page 321-323, cut and fold to form My Mass Book

Introductory Rite  - read pages 1-4 in My Mass Book 

Fill out page 194 

Liturgy of the Word - read pages 5,6,7

Liturgy of the Eucharist - read pages 8 to 15

Find the words of Jesus on the chapter 15 paper in the packet.

Science/ Social Studies

Cast A Shadow pages 334-335 in Fusion

Cast a Shadow project found in packet


LA- Now and Ben test packet, WB pages 218-220, 223-229

Math- My Math workbook pages 649-650, 655-656, 689-690, 719-720

Religion- tear out and turn in page 194, 

Find the Words of Jesus (found in packet) 

Science: Cast a Shadow project paper / Chart the Data


Digging for Dinosaurs

Question: How can I get the objects out of  the “rock”

What Tools will you use?_____________________


What worked:_________________________________

What did not work:______________________________

Objects found:_______________________________


Conclusion: ______________________________________________ 



Cast a Shadow

This needs to be done on a sunny day!

Question: What happens to my shadow during the day?

What Tools will you use?____Chalk and an object that can stay outside all day, a clock to check the time.

Step 1: place object on the ground outside and draw a circle around it with chalk to make sure it doesn’t move

Step 2: Draw around the shadow and measure the size

 Chart or draw a picture of the time of day it is, the size, and the place where the shadow is.

Step 3, 4, 5: Repeat step two every hour or so it does not have to be exact

Chart the Data

Actual object and size:_________________

















Look at the data:

Draw a Conclusion: 




Distance learning weeks 4, 5, 6

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Distance learning Week of April 6-10

All work should be done in your best cursive!






Language  Arts

Read -The Mysterious Tadpole (MT) do Workbook (WB) page 154,155

WB page 156157,158

Read -MTadp.

WB-p. 160 do in best cursive

Read -MTadp and take test packet

Wb p. 166 in your best cursive


Name coins and count, page 484-488

MY Math pages 489-494

MY Math pages  495-502

MY Math pages 503-508

MY Math pages 509-517



Make the Triduum bracelet



Wear bracelet

Test pages 243-244

Lead the Prayer at dinner- “Bless us oh Lord…”

Science/ Social Studies

Unit 9 review pages 377-380

Look back and find the answers -this is where we left off

Plants   read- 137-143 practice with eye dropper/or straw to get water.  Plant the seeds.  

Read page 149-151-

Draw and label your own plant (water your flower)

Read pages 152-155

Fill in page 157 only

Water plant using either eyedropper or straw.


LA-Mysterious Tadpole test packet, WB pages 154-158,160, 166

math pages 487, 493,499-502, 507, 513-517

Religion- page 233-234

Science  pages 377-380, 143, picture of flower labeled, page 157

Distance learning Week of April 13-17

All work should be done in your best cursive!






Language  Arts

Read -The Dog That Dug for Dinosaurs(DDD)  WB p.-173-175

WB p. 176, 178-180, 

Read-DDD WB- 181-182

DDD test packet



Simple Solution p. 80

Simple Solution p. 82

Simple Solution p. 84

Simple Solution p. 86

Practice telling time


Read Pages 307-309 color the cover and 1st Glorious mystery

Color the 2nd mystery

Read page 68-69 

Color 3rd mystery

Color 4th Glorious Mystery

Read pages 286-287

color the 5th Glor.Myst.

Science/ Social Studies

Your community Write down 10 helpers- 10 buildings  5 animals 

 5 plants 

5 streets 


Magnets- read pages 397-404 

Fill in page 405 and return

Use the magnets with adult supervision to investigate how magnets attract and repel

Design a community using Mondays work and symbols onto the cardboard. Include a map key. 

Attach one of the magnets to a block, car, or something that can travel through your community. Place the other magnet under the board and move around the streets.


LA- DDD test packet, WB pages 173-176, 180-182, 184

Math- simple solutions pages 81-86

Religion- The five Glorious Mysteries packet

Science/SS- paper- 35 community objects, cardboard, magnets, page 405

Distance learning Week of April 20-24

All work should be done in your best cursive!






Language  Arts

Read -Yeh-Shen 

WB p.187-188,190

WB-pages 194-196

Read Yeh-Shen

Read Yeh Shen and do test packet

WB- 199


MY Math pages 593-598

MY Math 

P.- 599-604

MY Math 

P.- 610-611 

MY Math 

P.- 613-618

Practice telling time


Read page 289 color the cover of the 5 Glorious Mys.

Tear out, cut and fold the “My Prayer Book” pages 325-328 hold cross and rosary and read page 2

Hold the first clear bead in your hand pray page 4- hold the next three blue yellow,blue beads and read page 5

Hold the 2nd clear bead and read page 3-     

Share page 6 with your family and tell them our Act of Contrition


Watch baby shark handwash challenge and fill in chart 9 steps

Watch Sid the Science Kid a brush with teeth 

Color code the different types of teeth worksheet

Fill out the sheet on sun protection



LA- Yeh-Shen test packet, WB pages 187-188, 190, 194-196, 199

Math- My Math book pages- 598, 604, 611, 618

Religion- 325-328

Health- packet

Name: _____________________________________

See the source image

List the nine points that Baby Shark teaches us.












Use crayons to color each part

Incisors-  blue

Canines- red

Premolars- pink

Molars- green

Use magnets with

Adult supervision          


If you have not been in contact with me, please email me as soon as possible!


Mrs. Brockmann

March 20, 2020

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You will be able to contact me through email.  My address is sbrockmann@resurrectionschool.org

I am now trying to contact students through google classroom also.
I hope you enjoyed the story "The Goat in the Rug."  Please let me know why you think the author titled the story "The Goat in the Rug"?

In math, hopefully, the many concepts that are covered in Simple Solutions will help you become proficient in all areas of math.  Lesson #29 should be completed by Friday March 20th.  

In writing, I know I assigned five sentences, but I will be very happy if the student writes a daily journal and include the dates instead of future assignments.

So far, not many students have logged onto 
password:  HKF9GZ

Websites suggested by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

I am pleased to say that Sadlier publishers have opened access to many of their books
Username: SadlierStudent   Then enter students first and last name
Password: ReadyToLearn!

The students also have access to MobyMax.  I suggest going in through Resurrection's website.  It saves a step.  

Students always enjoy a story read online through storylineonline.  Check it out.

Stay healthy and keep learning
Mrs. Brockmann

March 16, 2020

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Due to the break, I have updated my website with 3 weeks of work.  I hope to see everyone back on April 6.  Click on Letters to Parents to see information on what was picked up on Monday March 16.

February 21, 2020

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Our new story will be Penguin Chick

Vocabulary words: Write each word in a sentence –due on Wednesday

webbed               waterproof                   steer           whistle

otherwise            junior                            slippery      finally

Spelling words:  words with or

father            over               under                        herd               water                        verb               paper  cracker          offer              cover             germ              master          fern                ever

Grammar:    What is an adjective?

Writing:   informative writing

Math:  rewrite three-digit subtraction, Problem solving, subtract across zeros, Money

Science:  Changes in Matter-  What is matter and how can we compare volumes?


Religion:  Preparation for Ash Wednesday mass and lent, Jesus invites us to celebrate God’s forgiveness and peace in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation

February 13, 2020

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Dear Parents,

Our new story will be

                                    Dex: The Heart of a Hero

Vocabulary words: Write each word in a sentence –due on Wednesday

Depended           sore            sprang                 studied

Gazing                 hero           exercise               overlooked

Spelling words
:  words with or

Horn              story        fork                      score             store              corn          morning      shore                   short        born                     tore                forget                        for                  more 

Writing:  If I were president…

Math:  subtracting three digit numbers, rewrite three digit numbers, problem solving, subtract across zeros

Religion:  God wants us to follow his commandments, we each have free will, friendship with God is hurt by sin, God’s forgiveness

Health:  Explain proper care of the ears, describe what happens in a hearing test.

                                    Proper care of teeth.

Social Studies:  study famous  Americans


February 7, 2020

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Dear Parents,

Our Sacrament meeting for parents with children who are receiving his/her Reconciliation and First Holy Communion is scheduled for this Wednesday, February 12th at 6:30 P.M.

Friday February 14th is an in-service for the teachers and the 18th is President’s Day. 

Our new story will be  Signmaker’s Assistant

Vocabulary words: Write each word in a sentence –due on Wednesday

assistant              agreed                 polite                   failed                             tearing                 wisdom               cleared                trouble

Spelling words:  words with ar

car                  dark               arm                star                park               yard               party  hard              farm               start               part                spark             art                  jar

Grammar:    commas in dates and places

Writing:    “If I were president…”

Math:   Mentally subtracting 10 or 100, regrouping tens/hundreds, subtracting three-digit numbers,

Religion:  Jesus wants us to be Peacemakers- steps to Reconciliation

1.      Admit                  2. Say sorry              3.  Make up for it

Social Studies:  Famous Americans-Study from the paper on the back of the folder

Catholic Schools Week starts 1-26-2020

posted Jan 24, 2020, 4:34 AM by Shela Brockmann

            Catholic Schools Week begins on Sunday.  Please join us at 11:00 mass.  There are many activities planned throughout the week, but remember to dress appropriate: Monday- wear comfy clothes, Tuesday-backwards /goofy clothes, Wednesday-sports shirt day, Thursday- We will have a magician (school clothes), Friday-dance party (dress up day).

January 9, 2020

posted Jan 9, 2020, 11:21 AM by Shela Brockmann   [ updated Jan 9, 2020, 12:30 PM ]

We will be scheduling out sacrament meeting with Father Bob for the parents who have children receiving their first Reconciliation or First Holy Communion.  
Progress Reports will be going home on Friday, January 10th.  Please sign and return them as soon as possible.

December 6, 2019

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Thank you for all your donations to fill Father's Pantry in the No Humger Games.  The Second Grade collected over 100 cans!
This Newsletter will take us into the new year.
Have a Blessed, peaceful Christmas season.

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