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February 13, 2020

posted Feb 13, 2020, 4:47 AM by Shela Brockmann

Dear Parents,

Our new story will be

                                    Dex: The Heart of a Hero

Vocabulary words: Write each word in a sentence –due on Wednesday

Depended           sore            sprang                 studied

Gazing                 hero           exercise               overlooked

Spelling words
:  words with or

Horn              story        fork                      score             store              corn          morning      shore                   short        born                     tore                forget                        for                  more 

Writing:  If I were president…

Math:  subtracting three digit numbers, rewrite three digit numbers, problem solving, subtract across zeros

Religion:  God wants us to follow his commandments, we each have free will, friendship with God is hurt by sin, God’s forgiveness

Health:  Explain proper care of the ears, describe what happens in a hearing test.

                                    Proper care of teeth.

Social Studies:  study famous  Americans