Corona Break work

posted Mar 16, 2020, 9:02 AM by Shela Brockmann

    Hello Families,                                                 

According to Governor DeWine, Ohio schools will be closed until April 6, 2020.  The students will have work packets to help them keep up with our lessons for the next three weeks. 

         I have enclosed many additional activities for the children to do over the extended break: Math flash cards, wrap ups, Science Spin, Stream Activity books, crayons, pencils and rulers.

The children are to read a story at least three times before taking the test.

Week one: “The Goat In The Rug,” -  read the story 3 times – take the comprehension and vocabulary test

Writing: Write five sentences to tell me about something you are doing during this break.  Try to use as many vocabulary words.

Math – one page of Simple Solutions a Day- attach the clippety clocks and practice telling time to 5 minute intervals

Handwriting- one page a day -  We are on page 91

Week Two: “Half-Chicken.”

Math – one page of Simple Solutions a Day- Use the tangrams and design a creature that goes along with your story (you can use the shape more than once)

Writing: Humorous story- Write a story of at least five sentences that makes me chuckle.  Try to use vocabulary words.

Handwriting- one page a day 

Week Three:  “From Seed to Plant”

Writing:  A research report-  five sentences on how the Corona Virus has affected you and your family.  Try to use vocabulary words.

         Math- one page of Simple Solutions a day

Handwriting- one page a day 

I will be available via email at for any questions you may have.

Religion:  Prayer throughout the break.  I have included two pages for the students to return.

Many times I’m sure your child will want to play on the Ipads, computers or phones, so I’ve set up a classroom in Freckle that the student can log into and earn coins.  They are encouraged to log in. The passcode is HKF9GZ. The students will use those coins to purchase classroom prizes at the end of break. Of course he/she can access Mobymax through .  

Checklist of what to return

__________ Reading Book

__________ Simple Solution Book

__________ Handwriting Book

__________ Reading tests

__________ Writing paper

__________ Religion paper 

Free Educational websites class code HKF9GZ  access through