January 6, and 10 newsletter

posted Jan 9, 2020, 11:16 AM by Shela Brockmann   [ updated Jan 9, 2020, 12:31 PM ]

                                                   January 10, 2020

Progress reports are coming home.  Please sign and return them as soon as possible.

Our new story will be  Officer Buckle and Gloria

Vocabulary words: Write each word in a sentence –due on Wednesday

obeys                   safety                   attention             buddy

station                 speech                 shocked               enormous 


Spelling words:  compound words

cannot           pancake        maybe           baseball        playground              someone

myself           classroom    sunshine      outside         upon              nothing              into                       inside

Grammar:    abbreviations

Writing:   persuasive writing

Math:  compare numbers to 1,000, adding 10 and 100 mentally, make a hundred then add a three digit number

Religion: We will be starting to prepare for the Sacrament of Forgiveness:  We learn about God’s love, God gives us laws, We follow God’s laws 

Science:  How does weather change?            Weather- is what the air is like outside

Precipitation- water that falls from the sky   Condensation- change of a gas to a liquid

Evaporation- change of a liquid to a gas        Freezing- change of a liquid to a solid

Hibernate- when animals go into a deep sleeplike state in winter Migrate-

Pattern- a weather change that repeats over and over

Hurricane- a large storm with heavy rain and strong wind

Tools to know- rain gauge, thermometer, weather vain

Clouds- status (gray, flat means rain or snow), cirrus (thin,wispy means sunny), cumulus (puffy, sunny), cumulonimbus (tall and puffy means thunderstorm)

            January 6, 2020

Our new story will be  Helen Keller.

Vocabulary words: Write each word in a sentence –due on Wednesday

Knowledge           curious                motion                silence

illness                  imitated              darkness              behavior   

Spelling words:  long o

Own               most              soap               float               both               know    loan

 goat              flow               loaf                 throw                        coach             so        grow

Grammar:    using proper nouns74

}”{ k\riting:   Writing an entertaining story

Math: Find counting patterns, Compare three-digit numbers using signs, make a hundred to add three-digit numbers

Religion: learn that the bible is the book of God’s Word, the Old Testament is the first part of the bible and the New Testament is the second part, Jesus wants us to listen to his teachings in the bible