October 11, 2019

posted Oct 10, 2019, 12:24 PM by Shela Brockmann

Dear Parents,                  

Family Mass is Sunday at 11:00 in the church.  Please try to join. 

Our story this week will be Animals Building Homes.


Vocabulary words: Write each word in a sentence –due on Wednesday

shaped                branches             pond          beaks                  

deepest               break                   hang           winding


Spelling words
:  common final blends nd, ng, nk, nt, ft, xt, mp

next                end                 camp              sank               sing                 drink              hunt

stand              long                stamp                        pond              bring              jump              left

Grammar:    more plural nouns

Writing:   informative writing

Math:  repeated addition with arrays, even and odd numbers, sums of equal numbers,

Religion:  We belong to the Church, we celebrate by praying and worshiping, the
Church gives us seven special signs called sacraments that bring us closer to God    

Science:  What are animal needs, Some kinds of animals, How do body coverings help animals, life cycles

Social Studies:  Needs, wants and choices, food producers, consumers, challenges